Vu Par David Lynch

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

David Lynch maakte een eigenzinnige selectie uit de werken van Paris Photo:

For the first time, Paris Photo puts in place an original journey within the galleries: “Paris Photo vu par…”, which will be entrusted to a different personality each year.

In 2012, it is David Lynch that the Fair entrusts with the task of choosing from among the works exhibited by the gallery owners. The resulting journey of that selection will be identified in the Fair and a book will be published by Steidl .
An original way for the public to contemplate the works whilst at the same time discovering David Lynch’s aesthetic universe.

A portfolio of the 99 photographs selected is on view on our Mobile Application

The book can be purchased on our online shop

Hij gaf ook een lezing / bespreking over de werken die hij selecteerde. Interessant om te horen waarom hij bepaalde werken selecteerde.

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